Mark Olson

Mark Olson

Economic/Statistical Researcher

Practical Economics


Mark Olson is a consultant for economics and statistics.


  • Economics
  • Experimental Economics
  • Statistics
  • Algorithms
  • Programming


  • PhD in Economics, 1991

    California Institute of Technology

  • MS in Statistics, 1979

    University of Arizona

  • BA in Mathematics, 1977

    University of Arizona


Experimental Design

Preliminary version of a book on statistics and experimental design for Economists using R.

Optimal Options

Find optimal combination of financial options app.

Alaska Pipeline Experiments

Experiments on cost sharing with Vernon L. Smith.


Statistical programing

  • R, Python, SAS, SPSS, Stata, BUGS, Stan
  • Julia, GAUSS, Matlab, Mathematica

Computer programing

  • C/C++, Java, Fortran
  • HTML/CSS, PHP, javascript, SQL
  • Perl, UNIX shell
  • UNIX/Linux, Windows, Solaris,
  • LaTeX/Knitr/Tikz, Word/Excel/PowerPoint
  • Microsoft office, Excel

Statistical analysis/analytics

  • design and analysis of experiments, observational data, surveys
  • longitudinal data, repeated measures, categorical data, time series
  • nonparametric methods, multivariate methods, randomization tests
  • general linear models, general mixed models
  • databases, data cleaning, data visualization


  • Economic experiments, simulations, mechanism design, microeconomic theory

Mathematical methods

  • Statistical learning, numerical computation, mathematical analysis,
  • Numerical optimization, simulation, algorithm design and programming

Recent Publications