Alaska Pipeline Experiments

Experiments on cost sharing with Vernon L. Smith.

Experimental Design

Preliminary version of a book one statistics and experimental design for Economists using R.

Optimal Options

Find optimal combination of financial options app.


Statistical programing

  • R, Python, SAS, SPSS, Stata, BUGS, Stan
  • Julia, GAUSS, Matlab, Mathematica

Computer programing

  • C/C++, Java, Fortran
  • HTML/CSS, PHP, javascript, SQL
  • Perl, UNIX shell
  • UNIX/Linux, Windows, Solaris,
  • LaTeX/Knitr/Tikz, Word/Excel/PowerPoint
  • Microsoft office, Excel

Statistical analysis/analytics

  • design and analysis of experiments, observational data, surveys
  • longitudinal data, repeated measures, categorical data, time series
  • nonparametric methods, multivariate methods, randomization tests
  • general linear models, general mixed models
  • databases, data cleaning, data visualization


  • Economic experiments, simulations, mechanism design, microeconomic theory

Mathematical methods

  • Statistical learning, numerical computation, mathematical analysis,
  • Numerical optimization, simulation, algorithm design and programming